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Hello, and welcome to my Journey. Over the last few years I have been learning more about my personal journey, my Path and my Soul Purpose. The further I travel, the easier I find it to share my journey with others, and to learn from their journeys as well. The most recent evolution has caused me to expand my Universe and allow more people access to my travels, as well as allowing me access to more people, their travels and what they have learned as they walk their own paths. Feel free to share your journey here as we all have much to learn in our lives as Divine Beings having a Human experience.

Love and Light.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 My dreamworld is wreaking havoc with my sleep patterns!

Oversleeping seems to be becoming a way of life for me these days!  The pattern started yesterday bubbled over into today, despite setting the alarm so I could check on the pickup time for a box of clothes I was donating.  Unfortunately for me, the pickup time was between 3 and 6 PM so I thought nothing of laying down for just a few more minutes, followed shortly by locking Toby and Snowball out of the bedroom because they actually tried to keep me awake!!!  What were they thinking???

2 1/2 hours later, I finally came out of my dream filled stupor and belatedly started my day (and no, I didn't make it to the gym, darn it!)  But the dreams stayed with me, flickering in and out of my vision, all day long!  I asked the Universe to give me some kind of sign as to whether there was a message (would it be too much to just be clear in the first place?), but so far, I've got nothing!  Just a group of people taking an extended trip to Europe and leaving me alone in the house.  If that wasn't enough, at first, the house was my childhood home in Reseda, but morphed into a continuously growing place at the beach in Malibu.  Unfurnished rooms were suddenly furnished, animals I was supposed to take care of in the owners' absence multiplied and I kept trying to get the visitors to go home.  There was even a complete video game setup I was planning to leave in a corner because I wouldn't use it, or so I was telling a guy I was ushering out the front door. 

Enough about the dream, as I don't want to bore you.  I just wanted to offer the gist of something which was completely bizarre, not to mention random in the extreme, yet lingers.  It seems that my old pattern of only remembering dreams in vivid detail if they had a message for me is changing into something different.  Now, I don't know when to pay attention, or dismiss it as just another weird dream.  Clearly, my subconscious has contracted the ADHD of my conscious mind and is taking little jaunts into Weirdsville!

At least I finally broke the block which was keeping me from moving forward with the copywriting course.  I'm still struggling with it, but can at least read the instructions and try to do the necessary research to move on to the next section.  With any luck, I'll get some editing done this week as well.  If that's the point of the weird, vivid dreams, I guess that's enough.

It was an interesting weekend with both of my grand kitties here.  Arthur, who is pure black with long hair and a big, fluffy tail was totally terrorizing his younger cousin, Snowball who, as you might assume from the name, is pure white with a big, fluffy tail.  Once Arthur decided to venture out from behind the couch and wander the house, he had Snowball so intimidated by his "cross my path and I'll kill you" hiss, that Snowball would hide whenever Arthur was out and about.  It was really kind of funny because, in truth, Arthur wouldn't have really hurt him, but as his usual playmate is a 50 pound Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, he manages to look a lot bigger and meaner than he really is.

Snowball is making up for his traumatic weekend by climbing into my lap at every opportunity.  It's really rather cute, but he is still just a baby at about a year and 4 months old.

For now, I'm going to try to get some sleep which is only mildly interrupted by my subconscious on megadoses of caffeine so I can go to the gym before starting my writing work tomorrow.  I just realized that I was a week ahead of myself and the massage I was thinking was tomorrow is actually next week.  This is a good thing, the way things have shaken out the last couple of days.  Who knows?  By tomorrow, I might wake with another story idea! 

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the wonderful, fun, silly things my kids do for me! (I wish I'd taken a picture of the Easter flower pot Heather created before I tore it to bits!)
2. I am grateful for all of the kitty love I'm getting during a time when I'm tremendously unsettled.
3. I am grateful for constant reminders to allow.
4. I am grateful for the number of items I'm taking off of my To Do list.
5. I am grateful for new opportunities for abundance.

Love and light.

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