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Hello, and welcome to my Journey. Over the last few years I have been learning more about my personal journey, my Path and my Soul Purpose. The further I travel, the easier I find it to share my journey with others, and to learn from their journeys as well. The most recent evolution has caused me to expand my Universe and allow more people access to my travels, as well as allowing me access to more people, their travels and what they have learned as they walk their own paths. Feel free to share your journey here as we all have much to learn in our lives as Divine Beings having a Human experience.

Love and Light.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 Overwhelming gratitude

After a couple of weeks with very low numbers of visitors to my blog, the last few days have filled my heart with joy.  Suddenly, the number of "hits" has doubled and tripled and quadrupled, for, from where I sit, no apparent reason.

I am incredibly grateful to all who stop in to see what comes out of my brain and more, I'm incredibly humbled that you stop by, and that your numbers are increasing!

When I began blogging, it was, primarily, to share on a single topic, but as time has passed, I find that the single topic has expanded to encompass life in general.

I read other blogs and see many people struggling with and sharing their triumphs and disappointments on deeply personal issues like caring for aging parents or special needs children, their own health challenges, or just trying to figure out their way in this world.  Others use their blog to sell a product or service.  But what they all share, from where I sit is that they all have some kind of path or purpose.

In the four years since I began this blog, my purpose, nay, my path, has changed dramatically.  Though I still plan to finish my book, I find that the direction it's taking lately is not what I would have expected when I sat down to write it in the beginning.  At the moment, it spends more time sitting and percolating than in expanding, but as my viewpoint changes and as I pull more deeply buried feelings out of myself, the approach to the subject of my parents' suicides goes through an evolution as well.

In the meantime, as I'm living and growing, moving forward and falling back,  changing direction or standing still, I am deeply moved and motivated by the people around me.  Everyone with whom I interact, no matter how minutely, impacts my life in unexpected ways.

What I'm trying to say here, and stumbling badly over the words, is that I'm becoming more and more aware of how interconnected we are, not only the humans, but everything around us.

When I focus on giving healing energy to my cat, Loki, trying to clear the dead cells from her kidneys and open them up to receive new growth, I'll find that Dylan has laid his paw on my arm, in his own way, adding energy to the healing.

When I drive to work and see another driver show courtesy to someone ahead of me, I feel gratitude and joy for the selfless act, regardless of the fact that it doesn't directly impact me.  When someone is discourteous to me, I wish for them to receive courtesy from someone else so they can experience that courtesy as a receiver.

The successes and triumphs I read about on the internet or see on television, bring joy to my heart, even though the people may be strangers to me, because those triumphs help fill the well of positive energy to overflowing.  When that well is kept full, we can wash away the disharmonious actions of some far more easily.  We can heal rifts and repair damage to ourselves, our environment, people around us...heck, we can heal the earth with some well-placed positive thoughts!

This is why my blog has evolved and has, seemingly, left its original purpose behind.  (not to mention times like this where I start to type, then seem to detach my body from my brain so that what comes through my fingers is inspired by something far greater than this simple human that I am.) 

This is also why I am exceedingly grateful to all who support and promote this little corner of the world I call mine.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the the continually improving health of Patches and Loki, thanks, in no small part to the efforts of my daughter and son-in-law to maintain strict regimens of medication and fluids.
2. I am grateful for any small impact I am making on someone else's world.
3. I am grateful for all of the small kindnesses I see in my fellow humans every day.
4. I am grateful for the love and kindness inherent in every human being.  Some of us just have to work harder to find it, but the gem is all the more precious for having had to work for it.
5. I am grateful for cuddle time after a long day.

Love and light.

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