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Hello, and welcome to my Journey. Over the last few years I have been learning more about my personal journey, my Path and my Soul Purpose. The further I travel, the easier I find it to share my journey with others, and to learn from their journeys as well. The most recent evolution has caused me to expand my Universe and allow more people access to my travels, as well as allowing me access to more people, their travels and what they have learned as they walk their own paths. Feel free to share your journey here as we all have much to learn in our lives as Divine Beings having a Human experience.

Love and Light.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 20, 2013 A little bit o' this and a little bit o' that

Tonight's post is likely to be even more scattered and disconnected than most.  I danced a lot more than usual tonight and as a result, I'm extremely hyped up and wired.   In fact, I can't even find a place to start!

I'm continuing to read through "Healing Hands", the book for my class, and am finding it to be pretty interesting.  I'm just reading it for content right now, so I'm not doing any of the exercises, some of which require another person or group anyway.  I did find myself trying to test my aura reading at the club tonight, but the funny thing about dancers is that, even when they're not dancing, they are not known for staying still very long!  After awhile, I gave it up, drank my glass of wine, chatted with my friends and, of course, danced a lot!  In the 3 1/2 hours I was there, I was probably on the dance floor at least 2!  That, for me, is a particularly good night, though my knees may not be thanking me by morning!  (little do they know, it's leg day at the gym tomorrow too!)

So, I go in for the procedure I've been putting off for years on Monday, and they give me this stuff to clean me out.  I ask you, what kind of psychotic whacko names the stuff "Golytely"????  Seriously???  According to everyone I've talked to who's been through this, "lytely" is as far from reality as you can get!!!  Krakatoa was a slight burp in comparison!  I certainly wouldn't trust the perpetrator of that name to give me an accurate description of anything!  I could just see it:

"Niagra Falls?  Just a gentle stream.  You'll be just fine in a row boat!"
"Montana in the winter time?  It does get a little nippy.  You might want to pack a windbreaker."
"That 12 gauge?  It's a sweet little gun.  No kick at all!  A lady could handle it just fine!"
"Oh, yeah, I eat those habaneros by the handfull!  Mild and sweet!"

I definitely would NOT buy a car from that guy!  The wheels would probably fall off as soon as I drove it off the lot!   But I have to put his deceptively named product in my body tomorrow.  Who is the fool here???  And speaking of not buying cars, I will certainly avoid the dealership where my friend worked briefly.  The sales manager is an abusive jerk and I make a point of working with people who treat others right.  He is so far out of that category that I'm tempted to warn people to go elsewhere!  As a manager, I've been accused of being hard on people, but this creep makes me look like Mother Teresa!

The stories I heard sound a lot like a man I worked for a few years ago.  He honestly believed that the way to get his salespeople to sell more was to get them all into his office and spend an hour or two berating them.  Small surprise that every one of them quit inside of a year! 

I realize that there is a school of thought that preaches motivation by intimidation, but I've never really understood it.  I would think that humans perform better when they are praised and rewarded rather than when they are abused and berated.  I'm sure there have been numerous studies done to determine what truly motivates people.  I might even try to track a few down...in my spare time.

I'm looking forward to really learning how to distance heal and know when what I've done is actually effective, but the more I read, the more I realize that the first thing I need to do is clear all of my own junk.  That makes a lot of sense because, if I have my own stuff cluttering up my senses, I'm not going to be very useful to other people.  I suspect that some of that clearing is going to be rather uncomfortable at best, but I can't really see any downside to it.  Still, I find it incredibly simple to visualize a ball filled with pure, green energy and am sending quite a few of them to a lady I know who is quite ill right now. 

I also spent some time the other day trying to clear some of the stuff from Loki's system.  At that time, my green energy turned to rose and I found myself thinking "ok, if that's what you want to be, I will let go and let you be".  Energy is a funny thing.  Sometimes it goes where you want it to, and others, it has a mind of its own, but I have learned that when mine does decide it wants to do something other than what I want, it's best to defer to the energy as it is likely to have a better handle on what is truly needed.

But I do feel that I was able to clear some of the toxins away for her, and tried to add some energy to her kidneys in hopes that they might grow a little bigger so they'd be better able to do the job for which they were intended.  The good news is, when I weighed her today, she's finally back up to 6 pounds!  I'm so excited because she's been about 5.4 for weeks now, and that's just too skinny!  She could still stand to gain another pound or two, but I'm taking each small victory!

Of course, being the visualizer I am, I picture a giant Roto Rooter machine, clearing all of the junk from my chakras and of course, my brain, where the junk likes to hang out and play with the dust bunnies!
Or maybe a shop vac, sucking all of the trash out!  (it would have to be one monster of a shop vac to clear 58 years of trials and tribulations, comedy and drama, small goofs and gigantic "what were you thinking" gaffes)...this will definitely take some work.  But I'm hoping that when I'm through, some of the areas of tension I haven't been able to release will be so relaxed, they'll feel like mush!  Then the only aches will be from my workouts at the gym!  (she says as she rubs her shoulder to try to work out some of the aches from yesterday's abuse session!)

I think I've rambled on long enough tonight, so I'll end with my gratitudes as always:
1. I am grateful for incredibly stupendous nights of dancing.
2. I am grateful for my loving, caring, compassionate friends.
3. I am grateful for my kids who help me take care of my furry children, and make sure that my health is looked after as well.
4. I am grateful for the resolution of my internet/tv problems which only took about 3 1/2 weeks, all told.
5. I am grateful that I have plenty to keep my busy and my mind occupied tomorrow while I follow doctor's orders.

Love and light


  1. Nice to mix things up once and awhile. Always love your posts.

  2. I love your gratitudes that you end your blogs with, makes you realise just how luccky one is, glad you enjoyed the dancing


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